BoozeMonkey Wine Social Network Breaks Web Traffic Milestone

Posted: June 15, 2009 in marketing, wine
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The last 3 months have been a wild ride for Marc Jardine, developer of the online wine community BoozeMonkey (, and recent web traffic figures to the site have left him feeling justifiably pleased with the company’s progress so far.

Since launching the site in March 2009, BoozeMonkey has gained new members at a rapid pace and has achieved something of a cult status amongst wine-loving punters the world over.
The new stats put BoozeMonkey traffic in the top 0.01% of websites globally – a remarkable milestone which Marc and the BoozeMonkey team were not expecting to hit until later this year.

“We knew we were beating our expectations but we are surprised that it has happened so quickly,” commented Jardine. “We have been concentrating on producing great content and features for the website so we weren’t taking much notice of the web stats, but these figures are extremely encouraging. And they are particularly good news for our advertisers of course.”

BoozeMonkey is a wine community, a social network made up of wine-lovers from around the globe and winemakers from Australia and New Zealand. The website is a central source of information about all things wine and serves as a meeting place for wine-lovers to discuss their passion, to make friends, to discover new wines and to meet the winemakers who produce them.

Interaction between winemakers and wine consumers is proving to be a significant attraction across the board, whilst free marketing advice from the in-house BoozeMonkey marketing team and support from their peers is proving a particular winner with the wineries, with many wine companies sharing their ideas and experiences with each other.

Another popular attraction is the recently launched Wine Reviews feature, with wine-lovers avidly adding reviews and commentary about their favourite wines.

“Wine Reviews are now being posted on BoozeMonkey from members all over the world, showing there is great interest in Australian wine,” comments Jardine. “We know that times are tough right now, but there are some smart companies who are making full use of the in-built social media tools which BoozeMonkey provides, and who understand that the connection with a global customer base is to their advantage. More and more winemakers are finding that BoozeMonkey is the ideal vehicle to market their brands to our consumer base of web-savvy wine drinkers.”

Little wonder then that the latest addition to BoozeMonkey’s arsenal is online banner advertising. As with everything the company does, the advertising model is simple and uncluttered, with just three simple advertising plans on offer.

“Since day one our winemakers have been keen to take advantage of the marketing opportunities BoozeMonkey provides, and really that is just another indicator that more wine companies are shrewdly investing marketing budgets in online media.”

So, what’s next for the BoozeMonkey Team?

“Online wine sales of course! We are being bombarded by wine companies wanting the sell their wine and by wine drinkers wanting to buy their wines, so that is definitely our immediate priority. BoozeMonkey is driven by the Industry and by the wine-loving fraternity, so we listen to the feedback and suggestions from our members and our winemakers, and we will deliver!”

With an attitude like that, it’s not hard to understand why the BoozeMonkey Team are getting results.

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  1. Matt says:

    Three months? That really is explosive growth. It just shows what can be achieved with the right combination of traditional and social-media marketing techniques.

  2. The Boozemonkey guys deserve their success. A good site, with plenty of stimulus for discussion amongst wine-lovers and industry folk, and I think we’re just seeing the beginning.

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