BoozeMonkey challenges Wine Industry Blues

Posted: August 1, 2009 in marketing, wine
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There have been plenty of reasons to crack open a bottle of Australia’s finest and toast the success of BoozeMonkey over the last 4 months. has surged from ‘Nowhere to Number One’ in the online wine blog world, with traffic in the top 0.01% of websites globally – a position that Marc Jardine, developer of the online wine community says is no surprise to those in the Wine Industry.

But it isn’t just the fact that the world is watching BoozeMonkey.

The Australian Wine Industry may just have found a new breeding ground of wine bloggers, young winemakers and involved consumers – individuals putting their passion and drive into revitalizing a tired and battle-weary industry.

Since launching the site in March 2009, has gained new members at a rapid pace and has achieved a cult status amongst wine-loving punters the world over.

“The Australian Wine Industry certainly needs a community like BoozeMonkey to take its message to the next generation of wine consumers. There is nothing else quite like it, and the huge interest in the site shows that there is continuing interest in Australian wines at a grass-roots level, where wine lovers can interact with the winemakers directly.”

The recently launched Wine Reviews feature, has seen wine-lovers avidly adding reviews and commentary about their favourite wines.

“Wine Reviews are unbiased, honest and down-to-earth, and winemakers are taking advantage of being able to put their wine in front of ‘real people’, said Jardine.

“This is where the next generation of wine bloggers and influential drivers of the industry will spring from” continues Jardine. “Already we are seeing identities like Roscoe Halligan gain a cult following for his irreverent, passionate and honest reviews. This is the future of the Australia Wine Industry. ”

Understanding the need for wine companies to market their products directly and creatively, the in-house BoozeMonkey marketing team provides support and advice to members. The Marketing forums also allow wine companies to share their ideas and experiences with each other.

Taking the mystery out of wine is a continuing theme on, with many wineries making full use of the in-built social media tools BoozeMonkey provides.

Smart wine companies are finding that BoozeMonkey is the ideal vehicle to market their brands to a consumer base of web-savvy global wine drinkers.

For more information contact:

Marc Jardine

Sandie Holmes


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